Assemblage & Robotique

Assemblage & Robotique

Automation as an engine of growth

The market

For several years in the world we are witnessing a competition between different industrial systems, competition of countries that offer low-cost production is offset by a trend toward automating that often leads to the realization of fully and unmanned automated assembly departments.

Robots are increasingly taking on tasks articulated in the handling, assembly FAS (Flexible Assembly System), pick and place, finishing and testing, where in addition to the speed of execution and reliability is essential to be able to remotely manage machines and constantly monitor the  operations results.

Sustainability and efficiency issues are affecting even more companies that make an extensive use of automation, operating in an environmental respect with eco-sustainable solutions is one of the goals that characterize the choices for the future also involving suppliers of technologies and components.


The driver

Accuracy and speed must be combined with reliability and high quality.

Remotely manage of complex operations and to ensure repeatability and above all flexibility are essential conditions to develop customized products that meet the needs of each customer.

Miniaturization and mechatronics are fundamental issues to achieve modular solutions with integrated electronics characterized by ever-smaller, extremely compact and lightweight.


The solutions

Through the Research Center Camozzi and laboratories equipped to test all new products and customized solutions, Camozzi is able to offer its customers solutions that employ the latest technology combining miniaturization of components and mechatronics.

The C-solutions division specializes in the manufacturing of panels, systems and special products designed specifically for use in multiple applications.

Each product is tested according to the international sector rules and to the specific demands of each client, to ensure reliability and durability of the practical conditions of use.