Machines à bois

Machines à bois

Wood as a material for life


The market

As an essential material for human life, Wood today holds an important position in the chain ranging from furniture to building, from semi-finished components for furniture.

Thanks to its characteristics is one of the most common building material in our planet.

In our country it is considered one of the engines of "Made in Italy", a glaring example of Italian innovation, exported all around the world.

The market incorporates this material in various forms due to the variety of use and wide variety of uses.

Today the global policies of eco-sustainability and environmental friendliness gives an important diffusion of  wood fiber panel obtained by recycling and known as particle board.

Because of the peoples evolution and also the growing needs, new furniture  forand machinery for woodworking mark a booming worldwide.

However, highlighting the most developed areas such as China, India, Brazil and much of Europe.


The driver

Due to the large presence of automation in this area, the latest trends pay special attention to the optimization of costs and time, also highlighted the lack of privilege of unplanned downtime.

Due to the competitiveness of the industry we are often faced with Solutions under continuous work cycles, where reliability is a prerequisite.

To achieve all this machinery manufacturers have taken decisions at times conflicting, in some cases such systems are integrated serial communications module with on board valve islands, optimizing management and reducing wiring time.

In other cases favoring the optimization of costs, given the important use on board of the machines, it is preferred to use individual control valves.


The solutions

Machines for working wood products are constantly evolving and its functions are always with a more technological content.

The speed has become a key feature of these machines, get more in less time, group multiple operations on a single machine or even function, just think about what "head groups" can do  today.

Camozzi, by virtue of its historical presence in the area and close collaboration with market leaders can offer a wide range of flexible solutions, aims to depict how the fully system optimization , the wiring rationalization and space reduction, obtained by carrying out pre-assembled panels, a solution that is even more the "winning paper" in the construction of a winning machine.