Sciences de la Vie

Sciences de la Vie

The market

The medical products industry so-called "Health products industry" is one of the most vital and dynamic sectors of the world.

Revenues from sales of these products were estimated in 290 billion dollars in 2009 and expectations are to make 490 billion dollars in 2016, as result of an annual increase of 7%.

And 'an evolving market for technology because users are increasingly essential equipment and medical equipment efficient and sophisticated.

Consequently, sales of components and devices for the market "Life sciences" applied in the more significant roles as the Bioinstrumentation, dental units, hospital medical equipment, clinical chemistry, chromatography, molecular analysis, biopharma  and oxygen therapy, provides a steady growth to over 7 billion dollars in 2016.

An important role in the next wave of growth in the life sciences market is delegated to the economy of countries like China, Brazil and India. Medical equipments require fluid control components with innovative technologies, including microfluidics that in the last 5 years has seen a growing market of more than 20%.

The driver

The innovative technologies for the fluid control, through solenoid valves that are not limited to an ON / OFF control but extend to a proportional function, must necessarily be applied to the components for the life sciences industry.

The intuition is the ability to develop a plan for a new component or device that meets the needs of the client application and so far not yet treated so new and sometimes revolutionary in the presence of an existing system.

The reliability of components or part of them is crucial because it is understandable that are always applied in a field of high risk.

The availability and know-how to design and execute integrated systems that involve the use of fluid dynamics, electronics, chemistry / physics and micromechanics principles.

The solutions

The development of new miniaturized components and solenoid valves allow the creation of solutions especially where devices with smaller dimensions are required.

Camozzi is implementing this in conjunction with research into materials to make the solenoid valves compatible and suitable with any type of liquid or gaseous.

The Camozzi Research Center continues to study new techniques to achieve functional solenoid ever more efficient and innovative.

Camozzi components dedicated to this particular field are designed focusing attention on performance and optimization of space.