Systemes Electroniques

Systemes Electroniques

Innovate to produce innovation


The market

Mechatronics to produce electronic, produce for the electronics industry means "continue to innovate to produce innovation".

The electronics market is increasingly tied to countries with highly development that require automated solutions characterized by the flexibility required to respond to rapid changing of industry.

Continued growth and increasing automation development features characterize the sector which is constitutes one of the productive sectors of excellence in which innovation and research support and increase development.



Accuracy, lightweight components, miniaturization and flexibility are essential to operate in the electronics industry, characterized by fast changes and a level of service which must ensure faster time to market.

The challenge is to study specific solutions together with its suppliers by optimizing the choice of optical components and modular reasoning in order to promote the integration of these solutions in more complex machinery.


Camozzi solutions

Thanks to the development of miniaturized components and to latest technology, Camozzi is now able to offer a full range of components characterized by precision and flexibility, from the islands of valves to serial modules that can handle 64 I / O signals, to the servant proportional valves made ​​with patented systems based on the principle of rotary spool for the control of flow, pressure and position, with integrated electronics.

Miniaturized proportional controllers, compact actuators, and a full range of FRL with high flow in spite of the extremely small size is intended to complete the offer demanding sectors such as electronics.